He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

I am always reminding Scott of this:) It actually helps me sometimes when I am aggravated over a situation taking longer than I feel is necessary. It's one of those positive reminders to help keep us from growing into a "negative nelly". I've been patient for 19 days now. I'm having trouble finishing that sentence in my mind.
On the 11th, I began praying for our furniture and things to arrive by the beginning of the following week. On the 15th I told myself "patience is a virtue". It builds character. Then I started praying for our things to arrive by the end of the week. On Wednesday, Scott found a way to be compensated by the moving company for failing to provide us a service in our contract. Unfortunately, because we didn't "request" this "guarantee of delivery on a specific date", then we don't "qualify" for the reimbursement. They really know how to word things to benefit themselves while frustrating the customer. Gee, that sounds like the way to get repeat customers!
On the brighter side, customer service (or so they call themselves) offered to try and find out the ETA for our things. A prayer for delivery by the end of the week, turned into a prayer for delivery by their "guaranteed" delivery date-the 23rd.
This IS a time for Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for God's word and for Grandma Mary being a wonderful reminder of the importance of opening God's Word on a daily basis. In addition to that thought, I'm even more thankful for my parent's raising me on God's Word, for my dad's love of our country which was founded by Godly men, and for my mom's love for Jesus as well as her desire for me and my sisters to be Godly women. It's not always easy to lean on God for strength and encouragement. But today it is. (Or so I should say, TONIGHT is. Before I started on this I was MAD!) I have a lot more thankfulness to consume my mind than disappointment.
Tonight, my prayer is that the truck is already on the road to the Midwest, that the driver is alert and safe, and that we will get a call from him by Monday! Which means he is on time:)
Racine forecast looks promising for a clear dry but cold week. Let's hope it stays that way for the sake of our very missed belongings.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2nd Day in Racine…1st Day of Snow

I couldn’t believe our timing. I LOVE the snow, and couldn’t wait until I saw our first snowfall. The rain and sleet blowing against the side of the house at 8am this morning woke me up. After only about an hour of sitting talking with my mom in the front sitting room looking out at the beauty of Mary’s property, did the rain turn into snow right before our eyes.

75863 305th street is the most beautiful farm property I have seen thus far in Racine. Racine is a small little town, with other neighboring small towns nearby. Just off hwy 63 is a 3 mile gravel road leading to another gravel road called 305th street. About ½ mile down on the left is a picture perfect white miniature version of 75863. Home Sweet Home. Just a few steps across the driveway is a beautiful white farmhouse, the home of Grandma Mary Porter. The beauty and charm of her home is a mirror image of her sweet disposition.

Just beyond the driveway, which separates the two houses, is an 8 feet by 10 feet (approximately) fenced in garden area raked and ready for next spring’s arrivals. The basement shows evidence of its potential. Shelves upon shelves full of canned green beans, beets, pickled cucumber, carrots, and jams just to name a few. A true farmer living off of the abundance of her garden. Let me tell you…the peaches are as sweet as can be. And the apricot preserves are my favorite…on toast, ice cream….on a spoonJ Reminds me of the sweet peaches and toast my grandpa would make for breakfast for me and my sisters when we were little.

Inside of the shed (interesting name for a container large enough to hold 3 motor homes) holds stacks of hand sawed wood and tree branches Mary worked all summer long on to use as starter kindling for her winter fires. It’s also the home to “Kitty”, a gray cat (obviously) who loves people, watching the birds eat from the feeder in the mornings, and her own little “house” to keep warm in. There’s a tractor lawn mower to cut back acres of overgrown grass and a snow blower closed in with plastic to keep warm while clearing the driveway. Scott will be getting his practice on that sooner than later I believe! Grandma Mary has already given him his driver’s training course on icy/snowy roads. Which he passed with flying colors by getting us all home safely after a days tour at the Mayowood Mansion in Rochester.

All of the dried up corn fields are covered with a fresh blanket of snow. It’s let up for now, but should continue falling throughout the weekend. I see snow angels and snowmen in my future! I was instructed by my sister to build a snowman for each of my nieces and nephews and dress each one according to that boy or girl. 11 snowmen. I should be finished with that assignment commmmmme February??

Mary has made us feel right at home with her home cooked meals, freshly made coffee every morning, dessert after every lunch and dinner, and Christmas songs played on her organ. She is a sweet grandma, Scott has so many fond memories of growing up with her nearby in Rancho Bernardo, CA. As lovely and inviting her home has been, we are anxious to be in our own. But have learned today we will have to wait another week until we receive all of our boxes and furniture. Booooooo. Tomorrow we will visit the paint store and pick out our colors for living room, bedroom, and two bathrooms. That’s exciting I guess (sorry for the lack of enthusiasm. Rule of Thumb: Don’t ever have high expectations for ANY moving company).
Scott is ready to snuggle. I’m ready for my flannel pajamas….never mind, they are still in Las Vegas staying warm. Tonight I have vino to keep me warmJ Goodnight.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stretching my legs

I'm tired. It's late. My body aches. The one thing I want when we reach our final destination is...a massage. 12 hours on day one, 10 on day two. Day two was easier than day one. Quicker. Plus, we got to see my cousin Todd! I've missed him, he looks great, and he wants to join us in Minnesota someday! I look forward to tomorrow. Hopefully all I need tonight is a good night's sleep at the Hawthorne Inn and Suites in Wichita, KS.
So...what have we seen driving through 5 states? A LOT! Red rock in AZ, desert, road kill. In NM, billboards that read Moccasins for sale, Teepees, desert, The Rio Grande, and road kill. In TX, desert, billboards for "Boots and Jeans", state trooper, road kill. In OK, beautiful colorful trees, tumbleweeds, cows, a giant white cross, road kill. In KS, rivers, the sunset, road kill. We've driven 1500 miles. My mom and I have counted the following roadkill: 5 deer, 1 cow, 3 coyotes, 4 raccoons, 1 bobcat(Scott saw that one), 1 cat...and ATLEAST 15 or so unidentifiable carcasses. The cow wasn't on the road actually, but in the middle of an open field.
In closing, I miss you family! Mom and I are having a good ol' time talking, laughing, listening to Diary of a Wimpy Kid on audiotape, and enjoying my cd mixes from Heather(thanks Heath ;). Scott says he is enjoying his alone time. Soak it up Babe! You may get cabin fever in a couple months!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

9 Hours till the BIG move

A sip of my vino. Ahhhhhh.  These are my last few hours to really relax, to prepare my body for a 30 hour journey across 8 states, and to think back on all the amazing memories I have of growing up in California.  Being a native of CA, I admittedly have taken for granted the single most beautiful thing our state posesses.  The beach. It is truly gorgeous, especially at sunset the day after it's rained, the smog has cleared and you can see a perfect silhouette of Catalina Island.  A view my loving parents have been blessed with since moving to the beach. 

CA has been good to me. I love the state for the beauty she posesses. But that's not enough for me or my husband.  A simpler, slower paced life in Minnesota has called our names.  Are we crazy?!  You ask.  No.  Just accepting of the challenge God has set before us.  Pray for the journey we have ahead of us.  For a safe drive to our new home.  And look forward to updates from our new life in the Midwest!!