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Monday, December 5, 2011

Penny's Moves

"What's your favorite thing about being pregnant?"
I get asked this quite often actually.
My answer has been the same since week 17 of my pregnancy.
I felt the baby move at 17 weeks on the dot...(my sis Kris said she felt the same at 17 weeks with her first:)
It was nothing short of AWESOME!! I became a little obsessed actually, and the obsession with anticipating more movement only grew stronger.
I'm 32 weeks today...WooHoo!!!! Quite a feat, right?! I'm proud.
Now that we know it's a girl, "the baby" is now Penny.
Penny moves ALL THE TIME. Lucky me, I say to myself.
It's my favorite thing about being pregnant. Penny loves to showoff. She sticks her booty out, karate chops, and has already learned how to cartwheel. Yep, she's amazing...already :) LoL
I'm one of those pregnant moms who appreciates a good belly rub from others.
I know just how tempting it is to reach out and rub a nice BIG pregnant belly! And Penny is almost always ready to perform a gymnastics tumble on cue.
I've even been keeping track of who has felt her move already. The most memorable and sweetest connection was when my nephew, Desi, felt her. He is just the cutest little 3 year old Cuban in the world!
He asked  me if he could feel her. So I put his little hand on my belly...she moved instantly and he looked up at me with big eyes and a huge smile, "I felt her!!"
Ahhhhhh, it was so freakin cute. After that, it seemed like everytime he asked to feel her move, she responded. I just loved how excited a 3 year old could get over feeling a baby move inside a mama's tummy.
I'm so thankful for such a healthy baby.
I anticipate meeting her face to face more and more after every movement.
My little Munchkin.
I'm fullterm in less than 4 weeks from now!
Totally crazy. I Can't wait for LABOR!!
I really am so anxious to experience the whole thing...the first notion of labor, where I will be, what I will say to let Scott know it's finally happening, whether my mom will be by my side or not, what the weather will be, how I will deal with the pain, what it really feels like, is it sharp?, crampy?, will I still feel Penny move?, how long until I actually make it to the hospital...those words "any day now" will be on my mind every second of the day in about 4 weeks time.
Scott is excited too.
He love feeling Penny move.
It seems he is already very much connected to her as a papa would be to his newborn baby girl.
So sweet.
He's gonna be so amazing with her and with me.
So amazing to see my husband become what he has always desired.
God is good.