He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where did July go?

So my last post was on June 9th. Over an entire month has gone by with no attention to my dear sweet blog.
To be quite honest, I feel like I don't ever have anything interesting to blog about. No really, that's what I tell myself when I think about how long it's been since I've written anything. (I'm thinking it right now)
I'm ALWAYS on the computer. Lately it's pinterest 24/7. But occasionally I drift over to some interesting blogs.
Tonight I was pinning and repinning and blog surfing. I found a tutorial on how to make cute kinky curls in your hair without the use of heat, or really any effort at all. Right up my alley!!!
***Noel's daily hair regime: day one: wash hair, comb...or don't(sometimes I'm too lazy for that), style wet hair, or don't & just leave it to God to decide what it will look like by the afternoon. day two: check out my hair in the mirror to see if it looks decent enough to just leave alone. If not, grab a ponytail holder, barrette, or claw and proceed to style, pin back the bangs...voila! day three: (see day two). day four: (see day two), or spritz a little homemade sea salt spray and scrunch. day five: (see day two or day one). day six: convince myself it's time to repeat day one. My hair NEVER gets greasy, no one can tell I only wash my hair every four or five, sometimes 6 days. Hahaha!!
Okay, back to my original point. So this hair tutorial was on this girl's blog called papermama. After watching the tutorial and repinning it, I quickly scanned her blog for other interesting stuff. I glanced over a photo of a cute newborn baby. Her newborn.
I'm pregnant. And I'm a sucker for newborn baby pictures. So I read her post about her delivery experience. Heartwrenching and heartwarming. Anywho...I started thinking about my own blog and how it was just floating around in blog land, not getting any attention, slowly wasting away day by day.
So, I began a guilt trip on myself.
Conscience: it's been forever since you've visited your own blog.
Self: I know. who cares though. go away guilt.
Conscience: you always start things and don't finish them.
Self: I know. but I seriously have nothing to write about.
Conscience: that's what you think.
Self: uggggghhhhhh. I have writer's block.
Conscience: stop making excuses. You started this blog, initially, to simply write. soooo, write.
Self: alriiiiiiiiiight, jeeze. but it will be boring.

And so August 24th, 2011 post is born.
I'm 17 weeks pregnant now.

I felt the baby move for the first time yesterday :) I was(am) ecstatic! And a little obsessed now. I've lied down on the bed a couple times tonight to see if I feel anything. That's the only position I've been able to feel baby B. It feels like he is doing somersaults and bumping my hand with his little body. I've been so anxious to feel something. To connect in some way the baby to my body. I love watching my belly grow and anticipating all the changes to my body.
At 6 weeks, I was anxious to hear the heartbeat. At 11 weeks, I was anxious to see the baby. At 12 weeks, I was anxious to feel the baby. At 13, 14, 15, and 16 weeks, I was anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat again. Now I'm at 17 weeks. And I'm anxious to see the baby again :) I am anxious to know the sex. But all I really care about is seeing, hearing, and feeling the movement of what's alive inside me. Besides, I'm convinced it's a boy anyways. hehe