He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pondering while shopping

20 minutes ago I contemplated writing a new post. I told myself I didn't have any inspiring or thoughtful words. So I let myself off the hook.

And yet, here I am, blogging away. We'll see if any inspiration comes of this.

At times when I'm alone with my thoughts, I think of my husband, and what an incredible person he is. One of things that most attracted me to him was how he flooded me with affection. I fell in love with him so quickly, partly because of this special trait. It's one of the ways we both feel loved. So thankfully, since we both need this constant affection, 4 years since we started dating, we still love to cuddle eachother, kiss, hug, nudge, poke, pinch, and yes...we spoon...pretty much every night.

Too sappy for ya?? I'm getting to something, don't worry. Mr B has a lot of other traits that I love and appreciate. And tonight, while sitting at the computer, I was reminded of how amazing he is at budgeting our money. Now, he may not think I feel this way. Because I know I sometimes nag(bitch) about our spending habits and that he doesn't keep me in the loop about how much money we have to spend on a weekly basis.
But I looked down onto his desk, and there lies a huge ledger. The kind an accountant would use when budgeting over like 100 expenses. He uses this humongous ledger book because it keeps him organized, up to date, and confident. I cannot say that I completely understand all the numbers lying about in different columns that do not ever seem to add up correctly. But I know he has a system, one that he's tried teaching me through failed efforts(teaching is not one of his strong points, his logic is sometimes way beyond mine). He has successfully kept us almost nearly out of debt(we're getting there) and up to date on all our bills, while still managing to take his wife out for breakfast or dinner every once in awhile.
I'm so thankful for my money conscience man!! Only I, and God, know how much of a relief it is to me to not have to worry about expenses. I love you Scottie B

Speaking of money, I get the sinking feeling we will have none come Jan 30, give or take a few days. We've got a bun in the oven! It's been cookin' for 4 weeks now. We are soooooo super de duper excited to have a baby!! But I do have a small fear growing inside me that this baby is going to put a halt in our path to becoming debt free. But that is life. Something always seems to get in the way of saving money these days. I know we're not alone. Thankfully I have a budget conscience husband.

Back to baby news. The shopping has begun! Well, atleast the virtual shopping has begun.
Here you can see my baby must have list grow from what it is now into something that may be just a tad bit overwhelmingly ridiculous. But I don't care, it's so much fun! And so harmless, afterall, it is just a wishlist...[wink].

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Round Here

Things have been a little more crazy than normal around here lately. I say that because usually our home is pretty quiet and mellow. The way Mr B and I like it.
But we have a 7 month old puppy now and she really takes up a lot of our energy...in a good way.
When we moved here, one thing I couldn't wait to do was get a dog. And mostly just because I wanted somebody to walk with everywhere.We walk everyday!! Sometimes 3 walks in one day. It's wonderful, and I haven't got tired of the scenery yet.
We live in the Lakeview neighborhood, just a few miles north of downtown Chicago. Another name for it is the Southport Corridor. It's a very desirable place to live. Everyday moms are out walking with their kids, people are jogging, and dogs are exploring. It's a busy street, not because of all the car traffic, but because of the people traffic. Addi and I do a lot of people watching. Just yesterday we sat down at Leo's Coney Island for a $2 beer on the patio. It's been quite chilly out this month and yesterday was the exception. I think the temperature got up to 90 degrees!!
I brought a book along to read, but was too distracted by all the people and dogs walking by. Many of which drooled over my girl, Addi. She is quite the attention getter. She loves the attention from people....and other dogs of course. We met a big girl named Bella. She is a Spinoti(who knows if I spelled that correctly). Her breed comes from Italy. She was very lovely, a sweet calm disposition. Her owner, Mary, was friendly as well, considering she decided to sit down and have a beer with us...haha!
Addi makes friends very easily. She is quite popular already at the Dogaholics dog park on Southport. It's maybe her most favorite place to be in the world. She starts galloping when she senses we are getting near. She gets along great with everyone, Molly the bulldog, Blanche the American bulldog, Riley the lab, D Rose the shepherd puppy...just to name a few(FYI, they're not all pictured). It's a blast watching them all play together.

My niece, Emilee, just went home yesterday after visiting for a week. She wanted to take Addi to the dog park everyday just so she could pet the other dogs. It was really cute. We had a great time together, shopping, walking, going to Starbucks, we saw a play, and a movie, and I took her to her first Cubs game at Wrigley Field. I miss my girl already.

So our house is a little quieter since she's left. But tomorrow my mom gets here. I'm so excited to see her! It's been since November that we've seen eachother when she drove with Mr B and I out to Minnesota for our big move to the midwest. I am really looking forward to her seeing our home and life here in Chicago. I just know she is going to love this area. It will be only her second time to Chicago. Hopefully we can make it to a Cubs game this weekend, they are playing the Giants. She'll be here just in time for some great weather.
It's been beautiful these past couple days. It's about 80 out today. Although, there is rain in the forecast...hopefully not too much.

Mr B has been working so much lately.
Trader Joe's had their grand opening on Friday. They have been very busy. The store is beautiful. It's very bright and airy with windows all along 2 sides of the building looking out onto Diversey. Addi and I like to take walks to go visit him. Monday he finally got a day off and went golfing with a friend from work. Since he's off on Sunday, I'm hoping we can make it to a Cubs game together with my mom.

 Speaking of the Cubs...it's time to step it up!! It's no fun watching them lose so often. Let's hope for a great series against the Giants!! GO CUBS GO!!!!