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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little post

Decided I would do a  "little post", cuz I do have some pictures to share, maybe a few words, and it's a better idea than tv.

My friend Acacia took some beautiful photos of me and my fam recently. It's my "official" documentation of me pregnant.

Isn't my hubby so cute? I just love him to death!

Acacia did an amazing job at quickly snapping some memories for Scott and I to keep forever. Her sweet little girl Fiona did an equally amazing job at occupying Addi during our session.

Thankfully we live in a picture perfect backdrop neighborhood and we didn't have to travel far to get some good shots.
I take several walks around our neighborhood every day and never get tired of it.
This little girl, Maebe, is also from Ca and loves Chicago as much as I do.
We took walks together every day for 2 weeks, and then I left on maternity leave.
I wonder if she misses me.
I don't enjoy not working. I miss my pups. I miss being outdoors for a good few hours of the day, getting some fresh air and relieving the puppies from being cooped up all day.
I guess I just wish little Penny would arrive sooner than later. I'm too bored and anxious to have so much free time.
While I am enjoying my freedom and quiet time, I would much prefer to be in excruciating pain, pushing a baby out of me, and getting no sleep for the next...what...2, 3...18 years??
All in due time. As for now, (yawn) I will be making my way over to the couch for the evening while contemplating every hour or so what to eat next.


lizzygut said...

Love your "little post" Noel. Your pics with Scott are beautiful. You look so happy and peaceful. I know it's soooooo hard to wait especially for your first baby but be patient, she will come when she is ready and it will be best. Take this time, before baby comes, to catch up on some reading a good book or your bible, writing a letter to a friend, writing in the baby book, baking, or whatever you enjoy. This time before baby comes is precious and soon your time will be filled nursing Penny, changing Penny's diapers, cuddling Penny, and trying to get sleep. It's all very worth it but I'm just saying, savor this time, don't let it escape. I love you sis. ��liz

Karen said...

I spotted a few picks of you two in the hall way of your apartment complex is that right? Yes,you two make a beautiful couple and soon the three of you will be four, we all are waiting for your big day. You two are so loved and blessed and make the perfect couple, you were meant to be as ONE Love your letters, keep them coming